Rain Made Design

Unique wall surfaces to create a breathtaking signature home look


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Our concrete wall tiles are a high strength, light weight mix and are sealed with a lacquer based sealer that protects the tiles and holds up in an environment, interior or exterior. The surface sheen is a mild satin luster. 

While our tiles create an exceptional wall surface, they are heavier than your average wall tile and should be installed by a professional and adhered with a high strength thin set. 


All of our tiles have asymmetrical surface designs which allow you to create infinite surface possibilities, but we recommend that you or a professional designer layout the pattern you want before hand, so that those decisions are not left to the installers.

For a small fee, our design team is happy to work with you to provide a drawing for your contractor/installer.


Our warehouse is located in downtown Phoenix, you can pick up the tiles or if you are within Maricopa county, we can deliver them to your location (delivery fee will be added). For orders outside of Arizona, packing will apply.


Our average lead time on orders is 3-4 weeks, depending on our schedule.

We offer quantity discounts, the larger the order the more you save per unit.